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Difference between traditional farming and modern farming


Agriculture is main process for food crops. For improve, the latest technology is used in agriculture for growing and harvesting crops. In old days, simple tools for farming are used, whereas modern machinery large investments are activated now. It is huge advantage for increasing production and no harmful for soil. The horses and oxen are used for pulling and pushing the plow. Tractors have taken the place to pull many farming machines. There were many persons needed in agriculture before.

They cut the crops together by hand. After that one tool sickle with a sharp blade is invented. But it takes a lot of time and with it harvesting is very hard. Another invention is reaper, it has many blades, it is usually as machine to cut wheat and other grains. Reaper works faster than sickle. Organic farming is used by farmers because it is natural way. Mostly farmers do not believe in chemicals because they think that they are harmful for human health. They use i.e. wastage of kitchen, guano, the excrement of animals etc.

Fertilizers are main important part of farming. It helps to farmers for growing the production in short period. It is particles as nutrients to add to the soil for growing plants. There are two types of fertilizer one is natural fertilizers and other is chemical fertilizers. Farmers had been used natural fertilizer for centuries. It include manure, the excrement of animals, guano etc. they prepare natural fertilizer in their homes. Some farmers use chemical fertilizer which is created in laboratory.

Zinc Sulphate is inorganic compound. It is colorless powder and water soluble which is used in various fields. It is beneficial for health and agricultural productivity. It increases the immunity of body and also removes the deficiency of soil. It is also found in medicines. It helps the body to fight infections. It is also the part of cosmetics products which is found in skin creams, deodorants etc. By using it, the wood products are protective from wear and tear, vagaries of nature. It is also used in agriculture. It is used for controlling bacterial and fungal infections in plants and animals. It is also useful for animal feeds. Visit for more fertilizers i.e. zinc sulphate monohydrate, zinc sulphate Heptahydrate, Ferrous Sulphate at Kissanzinc.com. We are manufactures and suppliers globally. If you are searching zinc sulphate fertilizer your searches ended here because we provide these best products at reasonable price and our quality is very high

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