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Nourish the soil and flourish agriculture


Agriculture has great importance in Indian economy. About 57% population depends on agriculture. In America and England, Agriculture contributes only 2% and 1% of the national income but in India 22.8% contribution of agriculture to national income. Changes of techniques in agriculture production have and important bearing on the growth rate of the economy as whole. Emphasis is also laid on scientific cultivation so far as the agricultural productivity is concerned. The adoption of superior agricultural technology in respect of crop rotation, selection of quality of seeds, use of proper manure, treatment of soil, selection of crops, dry farming goes a long way to raise the agricultural productivity.

Crop rotations are main part of latest technology in agriculture to increase the production and protect our soil and environment from diseases and deficiency. It means the change of crops every year. It is automatic approach to decrease the soil deficiency. It helps to increase the fertility and prevents pests and increases the nutrients power of soil. We can promote soil healthy, definitely production is automatically increased. We should careful about our agriculture land. It is the organic system. It gives many nutrients to soil and nourishes the soil.

The purpose of crop rotation is to help maintain the balance of nutrients, microorganisms and organic matter necessary for healthy soil. Its profits are affective in long term procedure. It increases the moisture of soil and improves soil health.

Farmers should do a well planned crop rotation that helps to them avoid many problems related to soil, plant disease etc. To increase agriculture production, use Kissan zinc sulphate heptahydrate and zinc sulphate monohydrate products.

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